mono_cult 24/09/11

Joy Orbison B2B Pearson Sound / Ramadanman
Move D (Workshop)
Ben Westbeech - Live
Miguel Campbell (Wolf & Lamb / Hot Creations)
Matt Long
Brad Mercer
Paul Kaminski

Blue Lounge:
Picture House (Sccucci Manucci)
Jonny Cade (Tonality, Apparel)
Plastic Co. (Treehouse / Disco Electronica Rec)

Gimp room:
Hosted by Butterside Up

Welcome Back Moustache

House of 1000 Corpses: Halloween Bad Sneakers Inspiration

The last Garden Party of the summer went out with a BANG

ZIP (Perlon/Circoloco) [Extended set]/SYSTEM OF SURVIVAL (Vinylclub/Circoloco)/ROBERT JAMES (Hot Creations)/David Martin & Ste Roberts/Jay Kilka/Christian Maiden/Negghead/Blue Lounge: Mono_cult + Jaunt/Matt Long/Paul Kaminski/Brad Mercer/James Pollard/Blackhall & Bookless/Richard Rowell/Infamous Gimp Room:/Somethinksounds v Hang the DJ/Kazim Kazim Kazim/Andy Lemay/Horace James/Eliphino/Bobby Pleasure/Esteban

Our Afternoon Teas Are Always Served On Spode

Our Afternoon Teas Are Always Served On Spode

Pretty Afternoon

Pretty Afternoon


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